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Charita Stubbs – Head Coach, University of Arizona

2024 SOAR Attendee & Prior Guest Speaker

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Charita Stubbs, an alumna of Arizona volleyball, assumed the role of Arizona's fourth head volleyball coach in January 2023, marking the culmination of her extensive involvement with the program. A key figure on Dave Rubio's coaching staff for a total of 20 seasons, Stubbs has played a pivotal role in Arizona's consistent presence in the NCAA Tournament, with appearances in 14 out of her 20 years on staff.


In her inaugural season as head coach, Stubbs oversaw a transition period for the Wildcats, finishing with an 8-23 record while nurturing the development of promising talents like Jaelyn Hodge, Sofia Maldonado Diaz, and Jordan Wilson. Stubbs' coaching prowess was evident in previous seasons as well, notably in 2022 when she guided one of the nation's top defenses, led by standout middle blockers Zyonna Fellows and Alayna Johnson.


Throughout her tenure, Stubbs has demonstrated a knack for developing talent and achieving notable milestones. Under her guidance, Arizona has seen remarkable successes, including appearances in the Sweet 16 and NCAA Tournament berths. Noteworthy achievements include Devyn Cross receiving All-American honors in 2018, marking a significant milestone for the program.


Stubbs' contributions extend beyond coaching, as she actively engages with youth volleyball development programs and holds certifications that underscore her commitment to coaching excellence. As a former standout player herself, Stubbs brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game to her coaching role at Arizona, ensuring a bright future for the Wildcats under her leadership.


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