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Carlette Patterson – Co-Founder & CEO of Patterson Sports Ventures

2024 SOAR Symposium Attendee & Prior Guest Speaker

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Carlette brings over 30 years of leadership in professional and collegiate sports, complemented by her diverse background as a college athlete, national-ranked swim coach, wellness company founder, and author. Her journey includes impactful roles with the NFL, NBA Developmental League, and the creation of the non-profit organization Y.E.S. (You Equal Success). Trained by Martha Beck, a renowned life coach, Carlette established CHAMP10N Sports Life Coaching and Certification®, serving as the cornerstone for her subsequent ventures.


As the CEO of Patterson Sports Ventures, Carlette is dedicated to empowering individuals to excel across three dimensions - Personal, Professional, and Philanthropic. Through Patterson Sports Ventures, Carlette offers 3D Training, fostering high-performance outcomes driven by authentic relationships, strong character, and a sense of purpose. Her coaching and training programs have reached audiences in the US, New Zealand, and Australia, benefiting thousands of athletes, coaches, teams, corporations, and executives.


Carlette's mission extends beyond professional success; she is passionate about instilling hope and championing the next generation through her G.I.V.E.H.O.P.E. initiative. Personally, she embraces life's adventures, advocating for the importance of self-discovery, values, and meaningful contributions. As a mother, Carlette supports her three adult daughters in their journeys of self-realization and purposeful living. Through her work and personal endeavors, Carlette emphasizes the significance of individual worth and the power of making a positive impact on the world.


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